25.8ML Non-Toxic cement

25.8ML Non-Toxic cement

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This Modelling cement is my favourite glue for building model kits. It does take a little bit longer to set than regular super glue types BUT my fingers don't get stuck together! It's excellent for anyone who struggles with glues. 

It works in a way where it sort of 'melts' the binding plastics together, so once it's started to stick there isn't any going back. The benefit of this is that the joins are more seamless. If you get any on your model you do need to clean it up quickly, or it will affect the plastic. 

I'm a very messy 'builder' and did get it everwhere. I found as long as I got it quickly, and I used my little files to clean up as well then it was no issue. Customers have been impressed with the model I used it on, cannot tell that I made a mess. 

One thing I did find is that it doesn't set very quickly when its very cold.


NON-TOXIC CEMENT FOR PLASTIC is specially formulated for joining all polystyrene plastics. NON-TOXIC CEMENT FOR PLASTIC can be used in the construction of plastic model kits and is versatile - great for everything from plastic to Styrofoam..

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Preassemble parts without cement to insure proper fit. Trim or file where necessary. When cementing painted or plated parts, scrape away paint or plating from surfaces ot be joined. Apply cement sparingly to one surface and press firmly together. AVOID CEMENT OF FINGER TIPS, AS GLUE SMUDGED ON AREAS NOT TO BE JOINED CANNOT BE REMOVED. It will also discolor or cloud up clear parts.. Do not use on clear parts. Use 3515C Clear Parts Cement.

Safe for kids - 8 years old and up.