July 2020 - Easing back to normal

July 2020.


Welcome to Headspace Hobbies Blog post - I’m Kat! This is my first post, so be kind!

I want to impart some of the lessons I’ve learned, or am learning, on being mindful of mind and body.

I’m no expert, I’m not a healthcare professional. I am just a woman who has experienced some grit, and overcome a lot of challenges, so I just want to share my stories and things that have helped me.

So, without further fluff, lets get on with my first Post!


July 2020 - Easing back to Normal.

Guess who went to the gym for the first time in months?! Thats right, this girl right here!

And I am feeling stiff all over today!

As we slowly emerge from Hibernation - aka Quarantine - it’s time to think about our physical well being as well as our mental well being.

Hopefully you’ve all tried to stay sane during this time, I know we’ve all caught up on streaming tv shows, movies etc. And maybe you’ve learned a new skill, or picked up a new hobby.

This month I’m going to provide some tips that can help get us out of hibernation and back into our everyday routines.

First, start with adjusting your routine. Throughout Quarantine, you might have settled into a more relaxed routine, mine consisted of getting up showering, bookwork and walking the dogs. I suffer from fatigue issues due to a head injury a few years ago, so the afternoon is reserved for down time.

Now that we’re able to get out a bit more, its important to adjust this routine. So, set alarms - I’ve set an alarm for my pre-quarantine breaks - morning cuppa, lunch, and arvo snack. This helps to keep a track of time and get you back into your old habits, as you’ve probably developed some new habits, or find you to lose track of time because you’ve not been running to such a tight schedule.

Having an alarm or reminder will help you feel less stressed - you won’t be watching the clock and worrying about time getting away - let your digital assistants take care of that for you. And if you’re likely to get caught up in something, set an alert to go off 10-15 min before and then again at the time you need to be going.  This can be applied to anything, not just post-quarantine adjustment.

I’m a clock watcher. I have alway been this way, even when I was a child I used to watch my little clock flick down the hours while working out how many hours I had left of sleep.

Appointments, train departures, even meeting with friends, Gym workouts etc. I will stress about not being there on time, or being to early! So if I know I’m likely to lose track I will set a reminder/alarm and set one for a little while before so I know I can relax, do my other jobs and rely on my digital assistant to tell me when I need to get going.

So, once you’ve got your plan (don’t go overboard just keep it minimal and to the things you’re likely to forget) it’s time to take care of your health!

Walks, Gym, dance, whatever it is that you enjoy - get on it, but ease into it! Everyone is different, some of you will recover quickly and some of you a bit slower and that’s fine. So do your thing, allowing your body some recovery time in between.

Keep an eye on your eating habits! Through Quarantine, maybe snacking and ordering in has become the go to, you might have put on a few kilos, or possibly lost some! Do not fret! And certainly don’t starve yourself!

Since you’re probably more active now, its important to eat right!  Lots of fibre, protein and some carbs - there are sooo many healthy eating movements out there I’m not going to talk to much on that - your adults and can choose your own path. If you’re really concerned about your diet see a dietician!

My only advise is - reduce sugar and sweetner intake - eat lots of greens, legumes, and protein. Reduce bad fats (I’m looking at you potato chips!) and have a balanced diet. Most importantly drink a good amount of water daily! Remember if you feel thirsty, your already dehydrated!

Try to eat at the same time everyday, and stick with a good routine - I’m a 3 meals a day girl - breakfast lunch and dinner. This helps the body regulate - blood sugar levels - sleep, and feeling alert. As I said, everyone’s different, so you do you, but keep it routine!

Now, there’s lots of information about sleep patterns, if you want to know more about that click the links at the end.

But basically we have a rhythm - highs and lows throughout the day and night. This is very useful to know, because you might find you’re tired at 3pm, then by the time 5pm comes around you’re bouncing off the walls (I wish!!!) this is because of this rhythm. It also affects our sleep. So be mindful of when you feel sleepy before bed, if your the type to lie in bed staring into the dark, try going to bed a bit earlier when you feel sleepy. But also - stick to that routine! And if you do wake up early feeling ok, get up! Don’t roll over and go back to sleep - this will leave you feeling yuck for the rest of the day.

Look, its easy to get caught up in watching the tv - or sitting on our devices and loosing track of time. So make a habit of switching everything off half an hour before, and just rest your head, quieten those thoughts. Meditate, breathe, read a book, work on a jigsaw - whatever it is to you to slow the mind. You should find by the time your ready for bed your nice and sleepy. Keep your room cool, and not overheated - have a shower, whatever but try to unwind.

I hope these tips help, be mindful that the body feeds the mind and the mind feeds the body so looking after both will keep you happy and healthier.


Link to Sleep Cycle info below from betterhealth.vic.gov.au



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